1. First 10 Serious participants
2. Group Training or Private Training 2x week for 30 min or 1hr
3. Help you adjust your Nutrition Program to maximize your results
4. Measurements, weight in/out, Body Fat test
5. Motivated to change and have FUN

Respond here or call 732.962.3705 for more info.

Core Power & Yoga/Pilates

Redeem Your Free Week

30 Minutes Total Ab Class: designed to increase ab strength, relieve back pain and to burn out the abs to get max results!
Wednesday's 6:30 PM and Saturday's 10:00AM

Pilates/Yoga concentrates on the use of the core as well as proper alignment to help build muscle strength that can help you long term in your day to day tasks! Join a class today to help build a healthier lifestyle.

Coming Soon!

We take the frustration that people have with their fitness and turn into a positive experience through our unique lifestyle programs that yields into long term health. If you are looking for a change and want to have fun doing it, reach out to us for more information and see if you qualify for our low cost Jump Start program!

Discover You at Your Best

Enhance your life at Power 1 Fitness in Oakhurst, NJ, servicing Ocean Township, Eatontown, West Longbranch, Neptune, NJ and the surrounding areas

Do you want to look, feel and perform at your best? Then it’s time to train beyond your limits with the personal trainers at Power 1 Fitness. We’re Oakhurst, New Jersey’s premier gym, focusing on an array of training techniques and equipment to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Call or email to speak with a personal trainer in Power 1 Fitness about the programs that will make you your best.

Proper fitness depends on the right diet

Nutritional counseling at Power 1 Fitness in Oakhurst, NJ, servicing Ocean Township, Eatontown, West Longbranch, Neptune, NJ and the surrounding areas

Promote your fitness by taking in the nutrients your body needs to thrive. Power 1 Fitness has a nutritionist you can work with who will analyze your current diet and recommend alterations to complement your training sessions. For more information about our nutritional counseling services in Oakhurst, NJ, visit Power 1 Fitness today.

We share the belief that health and well-being is most beneficial when it affects the soul from the inside out. When you feel better, you look better. Let Power 1 Fitness redefine your outside, while Willow Massage nurtures your body (and soul) with therapeutic relaxation after a strenuous workout.

We're offering a Training & Massage Package:
10 training session (30 mins) + 5 massage sessions (50 mins) for $610!

Contact Willow Massage Therapy or Power 1 Fitness for details!!!

Power 1 Fitness gives incentives to our members that train with us through our unique loyalty programs. P1F is the only training facility in the area that gives back to its members. Come train with us and see how you can benefit.